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Nicker Nickels - The Elite Training Treat For Your Horses

At last, the training treat that has been used privately for almost 10 years is being made available to the public! This unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to be consumed by the horse quickly so that the next activity or exercise can be resumed in a timely fashion. 

Nicker Nickels is not too hard so it can be easily divided into parts and not too soft so it stays intact in your pocket. Nicker Nickels is just right in its consistency so no sticky residue is left on your hands. 

Nicker Nickels is one of the best practical and affordable treats on the market today because it was designed with training in mind.  And when you think about it……every time you are with your horse, training is occurring in some shape or form.

We know you and your horses will enjoy Nicker Nickels as much as we and our horses have!

Simple ingredients, no preservatives, pocket friendly

Nicker Nickels - Coin Roll

Made From All Natural Ingredients

Nicker Nickels Ingredients:

Ground Steamrolled Oats, Water, Ground Flax Seed, Molasses, Flax Seed Oil, Redmond Salt

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Purchase with a purpose

PLUS... you actually Purchase with a Purpose! 10% or more of profits are donated to Equine Assisted Therapy programs across the United States.

Nicker Nickel News

28 Oct

Nicker Nickels makes a difference!

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