Why is Nicker Nickels so fond of Equine Assisted Therapy?

Having been involved first hand working with horses in therapeutic settings, we at Nicker Nickels know and appreciate the incredible value of this type of therapy. That is why we have made it a priority of Nicker Nickels to help promote and sustain Equine Assisted Therapy programs.

Located in Wisconsin, we have many successful programs working here to make life better for individuals through the use of Equine Assisted Therapy. However, we are excited to also share the story of other programs across the country of which our customers have made us aware! Each program is unique but all are impressed by the power of the horse to change and improve the lives of humans.

We are endorsing the use of horses in therapeutic settings, but what exactly are the benefits of using horses for therapy?


Kelsey Rice, Executive Director of Hope Horses, Inc. in Cullman, Alabama shares that “equine therapeutic riding is an opportunity for a child or adult to experience benefits not only in the saddle but also throughout the barn.” Grooming and haltering the horse in preparation to ride builds and works fine motor skills, cognitive strengths, and can increase confidence and independence in the rider. Once in the saddle, these skills can be advanced in the individual along with the development of core strength, balance and muscle relaxation in response to the three dimensional pelvic movement or gait of the horse. Improvements in sensory processing and verbal communication are also noted benefits.


Horses are very perceptive creatures. Sarah, a dedicated volunteer at Helping Hands Healing Hooves in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, shares the story of “Painters”, one of the program’s therapy horses. “Painters is a paint mare who always took our youngest and smallest clients. Painters also held the Ozaukee County Fair speed record for many years. But she knew exactly when she had a rider she needed to take care of. It is truly amazing to watch her work.” Horses bring their own intuition and energy to therapy to help meet the needs of their riders.


These are just a few reasons why we at Nicker Nickels believe in and support Equine Assisted Therapy.  Check out the programs mentioned here to learn more about the benefits of using horses to help humans.

www.hopehorses.org and www.helpinghandshealinghooves.org