Written Testimonials

Thank you so much for donating to support my therapeutic and rescue organization of choice, Steady Strides Riding Center in Tucson, AZ.

I know the founders and they told me how very appreciative they were of your donation.

Thank you for sending out this list…so many places say they support XYZ causes, but this was really special that you told us how our funds helped these specific organizations.

I feel so good about purchasing Nicker Nickels knowing they support the community this way. Thank you!


High-End Used Saddles, Cori, February 9, 2022,  Tucson, AZ


Hope Reins thanks you for your donation! It is much appreciated!  The horses LOVE Nicker Nickels.

Jackie, October 28, 2021, New Smyrna Beach, FL


I get so much done with just a quarter of a Nicker Nickel.  It’s gone in seconds and my horses are ready to get back to work to get another treat. The Nicker Nickel is gone quickly so that the horse doesn’t forget what we were working on.

 Adriane, November 20, 2018,  Alvin,TX

My horse loves the Nicker Nickels.  He does nicker when he sees his Nicker Nickel coming.  One thing I like about them they are all natural and basically healthy with no preservatives.  And beyond that 10% goes to a good cause.  Thank you for what you are doing.  Keep up the good work.

Christina, May 14, 2018  Duluth, MN 

We received your dackieonation and the box of treats. The horses absolutely love them!

Thank you for thinking of Hope Horses!

Kelsey, Executive Director, Hope Horses, Inc., February 7, 2018  Cullman, Alabama, 

Thank you so much for your donation to MTRP (Midwest Therapeutic Riding Program). We are so thrilled that you picked our program to benefit from your Purchase with a Purpose.

I have to say, I LOVE your product! Made by a true horse person who knows cookies are too big and hard, sugar cubes fall apart, and apples and carrots get gross in the heat. Thank you for your donation and for making a wonderful product!

Stephanie, October 27, 2017  Union Grove, WI

Perfect Texture

“ My horses really like them and look forward to getting them. They are the perfect texture to keep in your pocket without leaving a residue.”

Eleanor, August 26, 2017  Burlington, WI

Amazing Product!

The horse I ride, Honey, does NOT like to leave the pasture for a lesson. Who can blame her, I would rather eat than work, too! But, I came walking up with a few Nicker Nickels and she came right up to me and let me lead her right into the arena with no problems! She loves them! My trainer, and owner of Honey, was very impressed by the texture and let's me give them to her all of the time now. These are a must buy! You will NOT be disappointed!

Megan, Jul 10, 2017

My horse loves these treats!

I was given these treats after doing a horseback riding fund raiser. My horse Bammer loves them and his girlfriend Barbie who is missing a few teeth loves them too. They are both senior horses and the soft texture is really ideal for them. Barbie has trouble eating now and we were at a loss for what to give her for a special treat. Well these treats are perfect! Try them on your horse and I bet they will be searching your pocket for more!

Debbie, on Jul 08, 2017

“On the days I don’t ride, I enjoy playing games with my horse. Nicker Nickels is the perfect size for a motivational treat and my horse, Rico, loves them. He literally dances for Nicker Nickels! Who knew you could get so much for a Nickel?”

Lauren, Phoenix, AZ

As a professional horseman, I have had the pleasure of my personal and training horses being used as test cases for Nicker Nickels. Our horses have found this treat to not only be tasty, but nutritious. My most discriminating horses loved the flavor of Nicker Nickels when they consistently turned down other treat brands. Most of all, I like that I can easily break Nicker Nickels in quarters or stash them in my pocket without the treats breaking into crumbs or leaving nasty wet stains on my clothes. Plus Nicker Nickels stay fresh without refrigeration and without going stale. I highly recommend Nicker Nickels to anyone with an equine friend looking for that perfect balance of not too sweet or soft cookie that isn’t dry and brittle. Plus proceeds go to a great charity that helps educate horses and humans of therapeutic organizations across the country!

Chris Cook, ​Ocala, FL
President & CEO of
Wild Horsemanship Center, Inc.

My horse, Gracie, is a human in a horse suit. Her ‘manners’ are the cutest. She knows I keep Nicker Nickels in my pocket (because I can….they don’t crumble and only break when I share a half with my dog as he sits at the stall door). Whether training or playing, Gracie loves being rewarded with her Nicker Nickel. She licks her lips all the way back to the barn and respectfully checking one more time to see if I’m going to cave in and give her one more, please!!!

Laura, Racine, WI

Just had to tell you – we had our first success clicker training Rosie, the mule, using food – using Nicker Nickels!  She LOVES them.  Moving directly to “grownups” training with her, she loves them so much!  Until now, we’ve been using scratches with quiet success.  She is five weeks old today!!  May 28, 2017

 (Editor’s note: “grownups” is a one of the first 6 things Alexandra Kurland teaches horses when she starts clicker training.  The long term is “Grownups are talking”.  See her link on our website.

Cindy Martin, Fayetteville, AR